Profitable GBPUSD trading every day!

Our team offer you profitable forex signals since 2011. We are constantly improving our trade quality for the sake of your and our profit. At present we are willing to offer only signals for the currency couple GBPUSD. The average monthly profit by our signals is 400-700 points, though in some months it reaches 900 points!

Currency couple GBPUSD
Average monthly profit 400-700 points (up to 900)
Time of signals daily from 08:00 to 09:00 GMT
Signals type only pending orders (STOP and LIMIT)
Signals receiving E-mail and Web interface at our site
Subscription $89 per month Subscribe
$289 per 6 months* Subscribe

The main trade signals represented as two pending stop order are published from 08:00 GMT to 09:00 GMT. Extra signals are possible within a day. All our signals have two entrance levels, stop loss and take profit. The signals are published in the members area of our site and may be sent to you by e-mail.

The cost of monthly subscription is quite moderate compared to the profit, which you may make, it amount to only USD 89 per month.

The guidance to signal operating can be found below

You may also review the daily signals archive in members area (press 'view archive' above).

Attention: All the trade signals and recommendations represented on site are intellectual property protected by law. Any resale and publication are PROHIBITED. The users violating these regulations shall be promptly deprived of the service without money payback or a possibility of reconnection. We ask you to understand these provisions and respect our work, as we respect you.

2015` 2016 2017 2018 2019
January 310 590 510 530 640
February 320 420 490 -210 510
March 620 540 410 380 460
April -110 -220 590 430
May 630 410 -330 560
June 510 570 -170 580
July 230 530 420 310
August 510 640 700 640
September 620 530 310 670
October 290 730 510 750
November 590 490 650 540
December 510 740 660 680
Total 5030 5970 4750 5860 1610

How to trade

The basic trade signals are output as a couple of orders BuyStop and SellStop from 06:45 GMT to 07:15 GMT. Each order has levels StopLoss (SL) and TakeProfit (TP). We usually point out two TP levels - you may work with them at your convenience, for instance, on reaching the first level you may close half of the trade and change SL to the open level. Depending on the rate of breaking the first TP level you may also leave the whole stock in operation if the level has been quickly overcome. Or you may use the trailing stop. Lost orders should be deleted at 23:59 (GMT) or before, if it has been reported. If the order operated in one direction, the opposite one should be left till further recommendations.

We recommend trading not more than 5 % of the deposit

These signals represent the basis of our trade. They have the following pattern:

07:51:32 (GMT) GBPUSD buy stop at 1.4810, set TP at 1.4860, set TP2 at 1.4950, SL at 1.4720
07:45:54 (GMT) GBPUSD sell stop at 1.4640, set TP at 1.4585, set TP2 at 1.4465, SL at 1.4720

In case there is a close signal, but several points are left to the intended level, we recommend you to close with the lot you have intended to close at this level at a current price.

If such a signal came we recommend close all at the current price:

09:34:47 (GMT) GBPUSD close, profit 110 points

Extra signals may be output at different time depending on the market condition or fail to be output.

The price may fail to reach the TP levels at the rate of several points — you should keep it in mind if you can not provide constant review of the schedule. You should also take into account the spread of your Broker.


Q: When do you publish signals?
A: We publish our signals every day at 08:00 (GMT)

Q: How I will receive a signals?
A: You will receive signals by web interface at Members area of this site and E-mail.

Q: What lot size I should use for each order?
A: On each 0.1 lot of open trade you should have at least 1000$ on your trading deposit

Q: Do you tracking opened positions?
A: Yes, we tracking opened positions and we will inform you in case of any changes (as move stop loss or close the position)

Q: When I should delete pending orders if it haven't triggered?
A: All pending orders are good until 23:59 of the same day.

Q: When I should close opened trades if it haven't reached SL or TP levels?
A: We close all trades on the next day before new signals. Or before market closes at Fridays.

Q: How do you count your statistics (trading reports)?
A: We publish only real, proven trading reports. We use 2 target levels (Take Profit), but we place only one result in our inner trading day report. Let us give an example.

Q: Do you trade every business day? Are there any "empty" days?
A: Certainly, there can be no signals at one certain day because of the market conditions. At such days we publish "We recommend no to trade today"-tip and close trading session till the next day. And, certainly, we don't trade on goverment holidays (such as 4th July) because on these days the market is closed.


You will get your account details on your email in a 24 hours after payment. In case of any troubles fill free to contact us by mail:

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